Разрешительный документ

Exemption of citizens from conscription for military service

Granting a deferral from conscription

Issuance of a permit to enter and stay in the border strip

Issuance of a special permit to fly over the territory of prohibited zones and flight restriction zones after coordination with the State Security Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan and national security agencies

Issuance of an exit pass to territorial waters (sea) and internal waters of the Republic of Kazakhstan small-size self-propelled and non-navigational (surface and underwater) vessels (means) and means of transportation on ice

Issuance of permission for opening and operation of rifle bars (firing ranges) and stands

Issuance of permits for repeated crossing of the State border of the Republic of Kazakhstan by Kazakh vessels for fishing activities in territorial waters (sea), inland waters and on the continental shelf

Issuance or extension of a certificate to a foreigner or stateless person on the qualifications for self-employment

Issue of sanitary and epidemiological report on projects, works and services at facilities located on the territory of military towns and training centers of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan