Environmental Protection

Accreditation of national associations of hunters and fishermen Approval to carry out work in the state forest fund that is unrelated to forestry Certification of organizations for the right to carry out work in the field of dam safety Conclusion of the authorized body of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union on the transit of hazardous waste through the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union Coordination of construction sites for objects affecting the state and reproduction of forests Coordination of specific norms of water consumption and wastewater disposal Coordination of the placement of enterprises and other structures, as well as the conditions for the production of construction and other works on water bodies, water protection zones and belts Distribution of quotas for the seizure of wildlife objects based on the approved limits Issuance of a certificate of origin of the catch Issuance of a hunting license Issuance of a license to perform work and provide services in the field of environmental protection Issuance of a permit for cutting down trees Issuance of a permit for doing work that involves ozone-depleting substances, repair, installation, and maintenance of equipment containing ozone-depleting substances Issuance of a permit for long-term use sites of for construction of environmental institutions Issuance of a permit for short-term use of sites of environment protection institutions Issuance of a permit for the production of introduction, reintroduction and hybridization of animals Issuance of a permit for the use of the animal world Issuance of a permit from an administrative body in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the import into the Republic of Kazakhstan and export outside its borders of plant species, their parts or derivatives that are under threat of extinction Issuance of a voucher for amateur/sports fishing, reclamation fishing, research fishing, fishing for reproductive purposes in water bodies that are part of specially protected natural areas with the status of a legal entity, on the basis of biological justification in the presence of a positive conclusion of the state ecological expertise Issuance of a voucher for amateur/sports fishing for the needs of the local population living in the protected zone of the Markakol State Nature Reserve Issuance of an agreement on a navigation regime during the spawning period prohibited for fishing, as well as in reservoirs and/or areas prohibited for fishing Issuance of an ecological permit for emissions into the environment Issuance of an integrated environmental permit Issuance of logging and forestry permits Issuance of state expert conclusions on ecological objects of categories 2, 3, and 4 Issuance of state expert conclusions on ecological objects of category 1 Issue of sturgeon caviar trademarks for the domestic market of the Republic of Kazakhstan Notification of entry of a zoological collection into the register Notification of the beginning or termination of activities for the artificial breeding of animal species that have been included in Annexes I and II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora Permit for emissions into the environment for objects of category 1 Permit for special water use Reimbursement of expenses for the establishment and cultivation of plantations of fast-growing tree and shrub species, the creation and development of private forest nurseries Sealing of water metering devices installed on structures or devices for the intake or discharge of water by individuals and legal entities and persons exercising the right for special water use State registration of a long-term forest management agreement on the sites of the state forest fund in territorial divisions Withdrawal of animal species, the number of which is subject to regulation