Description and requirements for obtaining the document:

Licenses for brokerage activities in the field of commodity exchanges

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The license for the right of occupation broker activity in the sphere of commodity exchanges

Qualification requirements

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Issuing Authority:
Department of Internal Trade of the Ministry of Trade and Integration
Additional Approvals:
Not Required
National tax:
5 Monthly Calculation Index (14 585 tenge)
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Selected document: Licenses for brokerage activities in the field of commodity exchanges
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Processing time:
Step 1. Preliminary verification of documents (the personal meeting with the UPPERLICENSE team is obligatory)
Term of Registration: 2 work days
Result: No - UPPERLICENSE recommendations for Step No 2. Preliminary verification of documents is undergone Yes - the client is served by the UPPERLICENSE company and-> transition to the Step 2.
Step 2. Payment of the state fee
Term of Registration: 1 work day
Result: Documents for subsidiary formation are under review with the Authority.
Step 3. Submission of documents on obtaining the license (personal presence is not required)
Term of Registration: 5 work days
Result: Documents are under consideration are under consideration in authorized body.
Step 4. Receipt of the original set of documents (personal presence is not required)*
Term of Registration: 1 work day
Result: Original License.
Service Cost: 7 120 000 tenge
Pre-Payment: 4 984 000 tenge (70% from the sum)
2 payment: 2 136 000 tenge (30% from the sum)
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