Subsoil Use

Accreditation of gas supply pipeline networks Application for the transformation of a subsurface area Approval by state regulation authorities issued to the subsoil user for ensuring fire protection of artificial islands, dams, structures and installations, as well as other objects related to oil operations in the course of their operation Issuance of a license for prospecting Issuance of a mining lease Issuance of a permit for raw gas flaring Issuance of a permit for the extraction of rock mass and (or) movement of soil in the exploration area in an amount exceeding one thousand cubic meters Issuing permits for the creation and placement of marine objects Negotiation of an agreement on the processing of solid minerals Notification of commencement or termination of marine scientific research activities Notification of the beginning or termination of activities related to the wholesale supply of petroleum products Registration of a pledge agreement for the right to subsurface use for exploration, production or combined exploration and production for underground waters, therapeutic mud and solid minerals The notice of the beginning or the termination of activities for import to the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan from the countries which aren't entering into the Eurasian Economic Union and to export from the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan to these countries of precious metals and gemstones, jewelry and other products from precious metals and gemstones, raw materials containing precious metals